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Novatech India

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Novatech India


Rock/Concrete cracking powder


It is a soundless, non-explosive and safe demolition agent, which is quite different from ordinary demolition agents such as explosives and dangerous materials. It does not cause any explosion, noise, ground vibration, gas, dust or any other environmental pollution when used properly. It is a non-toxic powder consisting of oxides of calcium, silicon and aluminum. The chemical composition of It is a powder consisting of an inorganic compound made mainly of a special kind of silicate and an organic compound. It does not contain any harmful components. It provides the most technically suitable and cost-effective solution in restricted demolition of rock and concrete structures where nearby structures must be protected from shock waves generated by explosives. Explosives are expensive due to long operating times, special transport, storage and handling precautions, and the need to comply with public safety regulations. As requirements for demolishing rock and reinforced concrete in construction increase in tight quarters, the use of explosives and explosive agents is becoming more restricted as far as safety and environmental pollution problems are concerned. It is the solution. Marble, granite, limestone, plain concrete, reinforced concrete, boulders, and ledge are fractured overnight without noise, vibration, or flying debris., secure demolisher in bangalore, building demolisher in 100ft road in koramangala in Bangalore, building demolisher in peenya industrial area, efficient building demolisher in bangalore, best building demolisher in bangalore, secure building demolisher in Bangalore

Benefits of using Rock/Concrete cracking powder

Rock/Concrete cracking powder can be used in an almost unlimited range of applications. It’s particularly used for breaking, cutting or demolishing stones, concrete and reinforced concrete. Endless benefits of It can be listed against explosives and other methods of breaking, cutting or demolishing.


Unlike the existing methods of demolition by explosives or breaking equipment, It does not make any noise, vibration, flying debris, dust or gas. It quietly and gradually demolishes rock or concrete with its expansive stress caused by hydration reaction. Rocks and reinforced concrete may be demolished safely without environmental pollution. Furthermore, It’s expansive stress continues even after crack initiation, the crack opening distance becomes wider as time passes.


It is not controlled by any legal regulation such as explosives and explosive agents, etc. It is non-explosive, therefore supervision of trained personnel is not essential. It requires no special precautions if kept in a dry place. The product is not sensitive to electrical discharge or currents. Demolition can be easily and safely performed anywhere.


Just mix with water, pour into holes, then it expands to crack. Neither capping with mortar, sand, etc. nor tamping with a bar is necessary after It mixed with water is poured into drilled holes in rock or concrete. Using It does not require a special license unlike explosives, explosive agents, etc. It is environmentally friendly. It releases no toxic or harmful substances of any kind.


No lid is necessary after It is poured into a hole of rock or reinforced concrete, nor is tamping required as with explosives. It exerts its strength in a short time. Due to It’s strong adhesion and frictional resistance to inner surface of the hole, spurs due to heat-generation do not occur when used within the parameters as noted in the conditions. The expansive stress along the hole depth is almost constant except for that near the entrance of the hole. Generally the expansive stress loss from the hole entrance has little effect on the demolition work when hole depth is long.


It makes it very easy to control the shape of to-be-cracked objects after being broken according to requirements; it can be demolished or can remain unharmed. It cracks reinforced concrete, rock, limestone, granite and marble safely and quietly. Being a non-explosive material, it works without noise, vibration, dust, toxic gases and flying rock. Cracked rock or concrete can then easily be broken with breakers remarkably reducing time and cost required for breaking. It can demolish rock or concrete systematically, and also demolition work in water is possible.


Generally, the compressive fracture stress of rocks is 500 to 2500 T/m2 and that of concrete 300 to 500 T/m2. However, the tensile fracture stress is very small, i.e., it ranges from 40 to 70 T/m2 in concrete, respectively. Since demolition by using It is based on a fracture due to a tensile stress, all kinds of rocks and concrete can be cracked and broken by using It when appropriate holes are properly drilled.It provides cost-effective solution in 1.Restricted demolition of stone and concrete structures where nearby structures must be protected from vibration generated by explosions. 2.Pre-splitting of stone formations, to create isolated blocks that can then be more easily demolished. 3.Cutting blocks of marble and granite more economically than that of the traditional wire saw method. 4.Excavations and demolition of stone or concrete structures where the use of explosives would be expensive due to long operating times, special transport, storage, handling precautions and the need to comply with public safety regulations.

Due to sensitivity and risk it is not always possible to break rock in a specific area with conventional rock breaking methods such as commercial explosives, High pressure gas Rock Breaking cartridges or mechanical means. These methods require a high level of expertise and equipment. Risks involved damages to property, injury to personnel, noise and high vibration and shock wave levels. Cost of transport is an issue as specialist vehicles is required to transport explosives. The same applies for mechanical equipment – low bed transporter for an excavator with a hydraulic hammer fitted to the boom. The alternative to the above mentioned methods is a process where a low skills level and risk is required.
Expando-chem conforms to this requirement. It expands due to chemical reaction after water has been added to the mix, creating a compressive force in excess of 200Mpa onto the surrounding contact area, thus overcoming the tensile strength of the rock or concrete to which it is poured.
Expando-chem has been successfully applied in various applications such as

  • Breaking or splitting of loose boulders
  • Breaking and splitting of rock with open face
  • Breaking and splitting of concrete.
  • Dimensional stone cutting agent.

Drilling of holes – Holes are drilled at a pre-determined burden, spacing and depth, depending on hole diameter – see table below. Water is added to mix at a rate of 1,5liter to 5kg of powder (1-bag). Always leave I,5 times the spacing distance at the bottom of the item to be broken.


Hole diameter Spacing
32mm 250mm
34mm 300mm
36mm 350mm
38mm 400mm
40mm 450mm
45mm 500mm

Filling of holes – Holes are filled to the top and left to activate. Activation period will vary due to weather conditions. The dryer and hotter the air and surface into which it is poured the faster it will react. Results are eminent 12-48 hrs after application depending on weather conditions. It is advisable to cover the area with a plastic sheet if any chance of rain or wet climate is expected. When expando-chem is used in porus material such as concrete, it is advisable to wet the area; however care must be taken not to leave excess water in the hole to be filled.
For the purpose of calculating the theoretical amount of expando-chem powder to be used the following information can be applied. Calculation is based on every meter of hole length.

Hole diameter Kg/meter
32mm 1,3
34mm 1,5
36mm 1.65
38mm 1,8
40mm 2,0
45mm 2,6

Safety precautions
Use safety equipment whilst working with the product.
The use of safety glasses, dust mask and gloves are a must.
Never plug the holes after filling with the mixture.
Do not use hot water for the mix.
Do not stand directly above filled holes – blow out may occur under extreme weather conditions (Heat)
Rinse eyes with water if any contact with mixture. Seek medical attention.
Avoid skin contact. Due to the high PH value after contact with water Expando-chem could cause irritation at the contact area. Wash with water.
Expando-chem is packed in 20kg boxes consisting of 4 x 5kg bags each.
Box dimensions: 24cm x 32cm x 19cm
Shelve life = 24months

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